Keeping up to date with the pandemic is a full time job! Expect this section to have information on here updated every so often with some of the most prevalent areas of focus. Many videos and social media posts about the 2020 Pandemic are continually getting censored on Facebook and YouTube. Replacement videos can be added here as that get deleted than re-uploaded by people.


Kary B Mullis – Biochemist

Kary B Mullis shown in the image, was a Biochemist and was the inventor of the PCR test. He unfortunately died in August 2019 just before the start of CV19. There has been widespread concern about the PCR test efficacy for a long time now during the Pandemic but it doesn’t get much mainstream news.

The video in this image within the section shows Mullis speaking, prior to CV19. Obviously there can be no video of him speaking about the current efficacy of using his testing to measure CV19 due to his death, but this video will certainly suffice as it’s very related.

There has been widespread concern for months about it’s effectiveness, inflated case numbers and false positive and false negative results. In other words, it’s not a very effective way testing for CV19.

According to Mullis himself, PCR cannot be totally and should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases.” This is the main reason why Mullis disagreed with the scientists who are behind the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. He defied the mainstream notion that “the disease-causing mechanisms of HIV are simply too “mysterious” to comprehend. According to him, “The mystery of that damn virus has been generated by the $2 billion a year they spend on it. You take any other virus, and you spend $2 billion, and you can make up some great mysteries about it too.”

He also added that,
“Human beings are full of retrovirus. We don’t know if it is hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands. We’ve only recently started to look for them. But they’ve never killed anybody before. People have always survived retroviruses.”

Dr. Beda M. Stadler, a Swiss biologist, emeritus professor, and former director of the Institute of Immunology at the University of Bern on the CV19 frontline was quoted saying this…

“So if we do a PCR corona test on an immune person, it is not a virus that is detected, but a small shattered part of the viral genome. The test comes back positive for as long as there are tiny shattered parts of the virus left. Even if the infectious viruses are long dead, a corona test can come back positive, because the PCR method multiplies even a tiny fraction of the viral genetic material enough [to be detected].”

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6/ Search PCR on this page for plenty more current statistics

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APOV Covid19 Facts

Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field

Swiss Policy Research
Released 2020

Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment.

This article is very in depth.



Information is Beautiful

Covid-19 Infographic Datapack – Information is Beautiful

Dr. Carrie Madej
Visual Data Article
Released 2020

One of the most visually striking websites showing all the current data on COVID19. Very easy to understand. Eye opening and compelling data.



The effectiveness and ineffectiveness of masks.

Scientific journals summary: Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence

No Masks

Coronavirus: Face masks could increase risk of infection, medical chief warns

Dr. Jenny Harries
Released 2020

Members of the public could be putting themselves more at risk from contracting coronavirus by wearing face masks, one of England’s most senior doctors has warned.

Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer, said the masks could “actually trap the virus” and cause the person wearing it to breathe it in.

“For the average member of the public walking down a street, it is not a good idea” to wear a face mask in the hope of preventing infection, she added.


Dr Ted Noel - Masks Don't Work

Doctor Shows Why Masks Don’t Work Using Vaping as an example

Dr. Ted Noel
Released 2020

Doctor Ted Noel, an anesthesiologist with 36 years experience wearing masks in operating rooms explains why masks don’t work.


Masks OSHA Test

Mask vs. No Mask Test by OSHA Oxygen Level Standards

Ben Button
Released 2020

Testing oxygen levels with OSHA approved equipment, using OSHA standards, while wearing mask vs. no mask.

Something everyone should consider regardless of your opinion on masks.



  • A May 2020 meta-study on pandemic influenza published by the US CDC found that face masks had no effect, neither as personal protective equipment nor as a source control. Source
  • Danish randomized controlled trial with 6000 participants, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in November 2020, found no statistically significant effect of high-quality medical face masks against SARS-CoV-2 infection in a community setting. Source
  • A July 2020 review by the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine found that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of cloth masks against virus infection or transmission. Source
  • A May 2020 cross-country study by the University of East Anglia (preprint) found that a mask requirement was of no benefit and could even increase the risk of infection. Source
  • An April 2020 review by two US professors in respiratory and infectious disease from the University of Illinois concluded that face masks have no effect in everyday life, neither as self-protection nor to protect third parties (so-called source control). Source
  • An article in the New England Journal of Medicine from May 2020 came to the conclusion that cloth face masks offer little to no protection in everyday life. Source
  • An April 2020 Cochrane review (preprint) found that face masks didn’t reduce influenza-like illness (ILI) cases, neither in the general population nor in health care workers. Source
  • An April 2020 review by the Norwich School of Medicine (preprint) found that “the evidence is not sufficiently strong to support widespread use of facemasks”, but supports the use of masks by “particularly vulnerable individuals when in transient higher risk situations.” Source
  • A 2015 study in the British Medical Journal BMJ Open found that cloth masks were penetrated by 97% of particles and may increase infection risk by retaining moisture or repeated use. Source
  • An August 2020 review by a German professor in virology, epidemiology and hygiene found that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of cloth face masks and that the improper daily use of masks by the public may in fact lead to an increase in infections. Source


Many medical professionals worldwide are speaking out against many aspects of the pandemic and being censored.

Capital Hill Conference

Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference
Released 2020

Facebook has removed a video posted by Breitbart News, which was the top-performing Facebook post in the world Monday afternoon 26th July, of a press conference in D.C. held by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots. The press conference featured Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and frontline doctors sharing their views and opinions on coronavirus and the medical response to the pandemic. YouTube (which is owned by Google) and Twitter subsequently removed footage of the press conference as well.



640 Doctors “CV19 IS A GLOBAL SCAM”

Awakening Channel
Released 2020
English and Spanish Translation

It showed an international conference of professional health workers and doctors joined also by online participants, talking about the current status of many hospitals and governments around the world in dealing with the so-called pandemic. Clearly, the official narrative of this prefabricated crisis is now turning out to be fake and many scams have been happening related to the responses and the policies of the many governments of the world. *There is a movement underway to fear people into vaccinations. Videos that contradict this movement are being deleted from the internet. So far, BitChute is one of the alternative sites to post videos to avoid censorship.


Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi on Covid-19

Released 2020

A second video interviewing these two doctors, after their original video was taken down.

Before COVID-19 was even detected in the United States, Dan Erickson, a former emergency room physician who now co-owns Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, bought as many tests for the virus as he could. He knew it would be here eventually and wanted to be ready to test those who needed and wanted it.

Now, after testing thousands of people, he and his business partner, physician Artin Massihi, say they have enough data to draw some conclusions about COVID-19.

Their message: COVID-19 is more ubiquitous and less deadly than we think. It’s similar to influenza and we should therefore reopen society and stop treating the situation like the lethal menace it was initially thought to be.

* Note: This video may not be available above to watch as it gets taken down by You Tube. *


New York Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax

Deep State Exposed
1hr 10min
Released 2020

Erin Marie Olszewski is a Nurse-turned-investigative journalist, who has spent the last few months on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

* Note: This video may not be available above to watch as it gets taken down by You Tube. *


Plandemic 1


Dr. Judy Mikovits
Released 2020

This short documentary suggests that the novel coronavirus pandemic is part of a larger conspiracy to encourage worldwide vaccinations. While the doc in question, Plandemic, has been repeatedly debunked by scientists and doctors, many users have ignored these warnings and now believe that a cabal of billionaires has organized the outbreak to satisfy their hidden agenda. Over the past few days, YouTube has repeatedly removed clips from the Plandemic documentary, but that hasn’t stopped curious viewers from figuring out how to watch Plandemic — even at their own peril.


Plandemic 2

Plandemic 2

Mikki Willis
1hr 15min
Released 2020

Guided by the meticulous work of Dr. David E. Martin, Plandemic 2: Indoctornation, tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID 19 pandemic. Plandemic II connects the dots between all forms of media, the medical industry, politics and the financial industry to unmask the major conflicts of interests with the decision makers that are currently managing this crisis.


Dr Carrie Madej

Covid-19 Vaccine Recodes Genetics & Makes Us GMO! Dr Explains

Dr. Carrie Madej
Released 2020

Vaccine Information on Covid19, nanotechnology, smart phone health apps, rDNA, rRNA, patenting GMO from Dr. Carrie Madej, Doctor of Osteopathy and Internal Medicine Specialist.

Recombinant DNA (rDNA) molecules are DNA molecules formed by laboratory methods of genetic recombination (such as molecular cloning) to bring together genetic material from multiple sources, creating sequences that would not otherwise be found in the genome. Immortalized cells (also called continuous cells or cell lines) are primary cells whose telomeres and/or tumour suppressor genes have been altered. Tumour suppressor genes (e.g. p53 and Rb) are important for signalling the cell to stop dividing when the likelihood of DNA damage is higher (i.e. after multiple cell cycles, read more about the cell cycle on our knowledge base). In the case of immortalized cells, these genes have been knocked down or their function inhibited so that the cell is able to keep dividing indefinitely. S information on vaccines.

Links to her information found on link to this video.


Dr Harvey Risch

Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference

Fox News / Dr Harvey Risch
Released 2020

Dr. Harvey Risch, an epidemiology professor at Yale School of Public Health, said on Tuesday that he thinks hydroxychloroquine could save 75,000 to 100,000 lives if the drug is widely used to treat coronavirus.

“There are many doctors that I’ve gotten hostile remarks about saying that all the evidence is bad for it and, in fact, that is not true at all,” Risch told “Ingraham Angle,” adding that he believes the drug can be used as a “prophylactic” for front-line workers, as other countries like India have done.

Risch lamented that a “propaganda war” is being waged against the use of the drug for political purposes, not based on “medical facts.”


Forensic Doctor Destroys Media Lies: ‘Nobody Died of Covid in Hamburg without Previous illnesses’

Released 2020

Prominent forensic medicine professor Klaus Püschel has vast experience in autopsying individuals who have died with the Chinese coronavirus in Hamburg, Germany. During an appearance German television, the professor stunned the audience by claiming that the hysteria over the coronavirus is “completely exaggerated,” as all fatalities he examined had serious previous illnesses which would have soon resulted in death with or without the virus. Püschel stated that there is no “killer virus.”

Premier Dan Andrews

A Doctors’ Open Letter to Australian Premier to the State of Victoria- Daniel Andrews

13 Victorian Medical Professionals
Letter written September 2020

Dear Premier,
We, the undersigned, are senior medical practitioners of various specialities who practice in Victoria and are deeply concerned with the Victorian government’s management of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) viral pandemic as a public health issue.
The purpose of this letter is to make you aware that NOT all medical practitioners are in agreement with the Chief Medical Officer and the Victorian government regarding the most effective way to control this disease. We believe that an alternative medical response is required that reflects what we know about the spread of the virus, those who have died from it, and the impact that the stage 3-4 lockdown restrictions are having on the physical and mental health of the general population….


Young doctor explains why he’s against forced COVID-19 vaccine

Lifesite News
Released 2020

A COVID-19 vaccine should not be mandatory, and getting people to take it “serves certain special interests,” a young medical doctor told LifeSiteNews.



News sources that are challenging the mainsteam narrative.

Bill Gates and Norah O'Donell CBS

Multiple vaccine doses could be necessary to protect from coronavirus, Bill Gates says

Released 2020

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said Wednesday that people could need multiple doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine to immunize themselves from the coronavirus. If necessary, the multiple doses could require more than 7 billion vaccinations to be administered worldwide.

“None of the vaccines at this point appear like they’ll work with a single dose,” Gates said. “That was the hope at the very beginning.”

Norah O’Donell goes on to ask Bill Gates some pretty pointed questions about the vaccine testing and horrendous side effects already being reported in test subjects.


Tanzania COVID19 Testing

Tanzania: goat, paw paw, jackfruit test positive for coronavirus
Released 2020

There has been a top and controversial sacking in Tanzania. Head of the country’s national health laboratory in charge of coronavirus testing was suspended, a day after President John Magufuli questioned the accuracy of the tests.

On Sunday President Magufuli, who has consistently downplayed the effect of the virus shocked the world when he said animals, fruits and vehicle oil had been secretly tested at the laboratory. Now, take a read at some of the specific things he said had been tested. A papaya, a quail and a goat. All of them he says had been found to be positive to Covid-19.


Sky News

Sky News Australia Majorly Challenging MSM

Sky News Australia
Various News Excerpts
Released 2020

If you are open to listening to any and all news to get a well rounded view on current world standings, we at APOV highly recommend that you like and listen to Sky News Australia on Facebook. ⁣⁣

Example videos from 3 anchors:⁣⁣
Alan Jones –⁣⁣
Andrew Bolt –⁣⁣
Rogan Dean –⁣⁣


Worldwide CV19 Revolt

Mass Global Protests

The Highwire
4 hours
Released 2020

In September 2020, huge protests began in Berlin, Ireland, Denmark and London, followe by each capital city in Australia. A lot of this footage has been removed on platforms like Facebook and Youtube and replaced with MSM news reporting way smaller numbers, inflated CV cases post protest and deleted entire You Tube channels.


Proposed Safety Changes for Back to School in Portland, USA

Gregory-Portland ISD
Released 2020

G-PHS students will return to school based on group and/or grade level in accordance with G-PISD’s District Phase-In plan. This video provides an overview of the PODS system, and other safety measures, for students and parents in advance of the return to campus at a middle school in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Documentaries and interviews about topics happening during the pandemic that are perhaps intertwined.

The Fall of the Cabal

The Fall of the Cabal

Janet Ossebaard
10 parts
Released 2020

The End of the World As We Know It … The Fall of the Cabal

Documentary by award winning researcher Janet Ossebaard.

* Note: This video may not be available above to watch as it gets taken down by You Tube. *


The Journey Of Self Management: How To Achieve Success In Business, Your Body & Life

London Real / Paul Chek
Released 2020

Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management and holistic wellness. For over thirty years, Paul’s unique, integrated approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of many of his clients, his students and their clients.

By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, Paul has been successful where traditional approaches have consistently failed. Paul is the founder of the CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute.


David Icke

The Truth Behind The Coronavirus Pandemic, COVID-19 Lockdown & The Economic Crash

London Real / David Icke
1hr 59min
Released 2020

n this interview, David talks extensively about the Coronavirus (Covid-19), how governments manipulate their citizens and the wider agenda behind social control and a Surveillance Society; in a wide-ranging session, watch London Real’s founder and host Brian Rose and David engaging across a range of conspiracy-related themes.

Offering more than meets the eye on first glance, David Icke is a man with serious credentials and a challenging perspective on our species and planet.


Law Suit Case No.: 19CV2407 CAB AHG

Parsa vs Google et al
Released 2020

A video accompanied by music, scrolling through an insane case file handed in December 2019 where Cyrus A. Parsa of The Al Organization, is sueing…. half the world!

Parsa v. Google.pdf

Original Document:



Some confirmed and some not. Research further yourself.



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